Bullying Awareness Week

St. Matthew School welcomes Gerry Mitchell as our special guest presenter for Bullying Awareness and Education Week, taking place from November 20-23 in all Ontario schools. As a singer-songwriter of children’s music, Gerry has performed at schools, festivals, fairs, libraries, summer camps, after school programs and daycares. The main focus of his presentations is on Character and Virtue Education, with special emphasis on Respect.

The show “Do Respect”, for Grades K – 3, is a positive message to primary students who are taught to make responsible, respectful choices. The “One Voice” show is for Grades 4 to 8, and fits well with Ontario schools’ “Safe Schools” initiative. The performance emphasizes to the students the importance of using their voices respectfully, yet powerfully. It delivers a message to “stand up and speak out” to make a change.

As well, St. Matthew staff have planned some wonderfully engaging and educational activities for their classes to participate in that week. Students will take what they have learned and present it to their peers, as well as throughout the school to other classes. We look forward to engaging in a week of fun-filled learning around an otherwise challenging, yet important topic.