Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

In order to ensure the safety of all students at St. Matthew CES, we ask that you please review the following Drop Off/Pick Up safety rules.  We have many vehicles coming through our school laneway, including buses, taxis and school assisted vehicles.  These numbers increase during the colder winter months.  The One-Way Drop Off Lane is established to keep all our students safe, as well as aiding parents/guardians and school transportation that need to get back on the road in an efficient and timely manner.

A.M. Drop Off Safety Rules:

  • The One-way Drop Off lane commences at 8:40 a.m.   Please do not park in this lane so as to ensure that the traffic flow remains fluid.
  • Parking is available in our North parking area if you wish to park and walk your child(ren) onto the school property.
  • Parking at the front of the school is designated for staff only.  The designated accessible parking space is available to any individuals/vehicles displaying a valid accessible parking permit.
  • If you wish to utilize this One-Way Drop Off lane, please ensure your child is ready to exit the vehicle with all of their necessary belongings.  
  • Cars are absolutely prohibited from passing other vehicles in the drop off lane.  All vehicles MUST wait their turn in the loop in order to exit the drop-off loop.  We ask that you adhere to this expectation to ensure the continued safety of all students and staff.
  • You are encouraged to use the entirety of the drop-off lane when dropping off your child so that all other vehicles entering the loop are able to do so efficiently without blocking the roadway.
  • Independence and responsibility is encouraged for all students that are able to walk to school using the safe sidewalk system.

P.M. Pick Up Safety Rules:

  • When picking up your child(ren), please use the North parking area.  Vehicles are not permitted to utilize/stop and/or park in the loop at this time, as it is reserved for school transportation that must exit the loop in a timely manner.
  • We appreciate your ongoing support and attention with ensuring that all students are respected and safe during dismissal routines.

Your help and understanding is truly appreciated.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to the school office at 905-475-0517.


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